Find a reliable car hire in Westpunt

Staying in the beautiful untouched Westpunt area? Bocarrental provides a wide range of vehicles from the most reliable curacao car rentals. Whether you’re staying at a vacation resort on Sabana Westpunt or somewhere near a Playa Kalki. We can provide you with a vehicle wherever you are.

Westpunt, or West point is a long drive away from the capital Willemstad. The 45km drive from Willemstad feels like driving across the whole island. It’s advised to rent a comfortable car when planning on visiting the city more than once.

Why rent a car in Westpunt at Bocarrental?

When staying in Westpunt area you are very far away from activities entertainment restaurants and bars. Westpunt has dreamy sunset sceneries in a quiet untouched environment however if you’d like to do more than diving and relaxing we strongly advise you to rent a car.

road to westpuntBocarrental can hook you up with a adequate vehicle. We have a car for every budget. Need a car for 1 day? No problem we can arrange anything. We deliver your vehicle wherever you are located in the area.

To get you over the bar

  • No upfront payment needed
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Driving tips in Westpoint

This one is easy. If you’re staying in Westpoint you will be diving and driving. For diving you will need space and for driving you will need to hire a comfortable vehicle. There’s one more thing you need to know. Most offroad tracks are located on the west side of the island. It’s even possible to drive from Watamula towards Shete Boka on an offroad track. We strongly advise you to rent a 4×4.

sabana westpunt on map

Sabana, Westpunt Curaçao on Google Maps


Sightseeing and activities in the area

Sightseeing in Westpoint is great! The landscape is picturesque and you will feel more connected to nature than anywhere else on the island. From Sabana Westpoint, the most westerly town in Curacao you will pass all the bay’s Curacao is famous for. When you keep driving on the main road towards Willemstad, you will see your beach options on the big European road signs.

Nearby locations


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Curacao Airport

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Other locations

curacao our rental locations map
From left to right: Westpunt, Coral Estate, Curacao int Airport Hato, Piscadera, Cruise Terminal & Otrabanda, Punda and Pietermaai, Salina, Mahaai, Sea Aquarium & Janthiel