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Road services and Assistance during Accidents

Unfortunately accidents happen to even the best drivers. To get a better understanding of how things work in Curacao we summed up your options when in accidents or when needing some help.

Road Services

All connected branches trough Bocarrental offer 24/7 road service. However, they do have their own set of rules when it comes to what to do when in need of road assistance.

Help by 3rd party Road Services
Some connected vehicle rental branches in Curacao work with “Wegenwacht” this is a service customers can use when in need of help. You can call them at 9247 for any problem varying from a flat tire or a dead battery to locking your keys in the car.

Help by car rental owner
There are also owners that do not want to rely on the forever-busy wegenwacht and do the job themselves. They often work with tow trucks and mechanics to get the job done as soon as possible.

Take costs into consideration
When requesting roadside assistance please take into consideration that you might have to pay for the extra costs. This depends on the type of the problem, location and time of day.


What to do in case of an accident

In case of accidents you do not need to call the police. You will need to call Forensys (formerly known as CRS). They will come to the spot and do all the insurance work on the spot. They can even decide who had right of way on the spot.

You can reach Forensys at 199. Make sure NOT to move your car before they arrive. They will need to see the situation. In case you need to move your car make sure to take pictures of video of the incident.


Some tips on how to prevent accidents on Curacao

• When it rains, drive slowly roads can get very slippery
• Don’t drink and drive. Traffic can behave very unpredictable especially at night
• Remember the T junction rule – The ending road has to give right of way
• Roundabouts are not like you’re used to at home. Be cautious on roundabouts Copyright © 2024