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6 Reasons to rent a Jeep when in Curacao

We all love Jeeps. But is it worth it to rent a Jeep in Curacao? The roads are ok and an Economy car would do the same job, transport-wise, as a Wrangler or similar. The rental rates are way higher compared to your average sedan or SUV.

This is why we would still go for a Jeep Rental:

  1. Potholes and bad roads

The roads in Curacao are OK. They are not like you're used to in the US or Europe. Because of rain and situations like Covid some roads are not as well maintained as they have to be. Avoiding potholes is a common practise when driving in Curacao. With a Jeep you will not have problems driving trough them when you missed one.

  1. Safety

Above is one of the reasons why driving a Jeep or an SUV is the safest option. Ride height and tire size make up for the safer slower speeds.

  1. Overall Cool Points

Driving a Jeep Wrangler is way cooler than renting a piccanto. Just be aware that the price difference is enourmous.

  1. Go to places a normal car will not go

On the island of Curacao there are several beaches that are not accessible by normal car. A four by four or Jeep would be the only option. Some examples: Playa Shon Mosa, Playa manzaliña and Willibrordus Salt Flats (kitesurf spot)

  1. Finally Rent that Jeep that you will never drive at home

Always wanted to drive a Jeep but not living somewhere adequate to drive one? This is your chance to feel like the owner of a Jeep for a while.

  1. Convertible & SUV in 1

We often advise our customers at Bo Car Rental to rent a Jeep since it's 3 cars in one. First, you are driving a bigger SUV style vehicle and second, some jeeps have a soft top which you can easily remove.

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Where to get a Jeep on the island?

There are 3 Jeep rentals on the island. BoCarRental is the biggest one since we work together with all these companies. Be aware that there is a big difference between renting a Jeep Wrangler and a Suzuki Samurai or Jimny. Wranglers are much bigger and sturdier than the Suzuki’s. We strongly advise you to make sure what you’re getting before starting your rental period.


Where to go when you have your Jeep?

This all depends of who you’re renting it from. Every company sets its own rules in regards to going off road. Christoffel Park is a great place to drive. You will need a 4x4 when driving their (paved) trails.

San Juan with it’s secluded beaches is a very nice drive. Visit playa shon Mosa and playa Manzaliña with ease.

Hato Flats is a must see and do. Red sand everywhere. 

Please consult your Jeep Rental agency for their Rules. At Bocarrental we deal with multiple Jeep rental companies holding different rules and regulations. Contact us is you would like to find out more. Copyright © 2022