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Tips for driving safely on Curacao

Visitors to our island and our connected rental branches report they find driving on Curacao a stress free experience. Outside of the usual work-commuting hours the traffic volumes are generally very low. Most of the main roads are well asphalted and maintained. If you’re unfamiliar with driving on Curacao here are some handy tips to keep you safe.

Driving in Curacao – Some basic rules

  • We drive on the right hand side. There are currently a lot of right hand drive vehicles on the island. These are not allowed to use for car rentals in Curacao.
  • Seat belts are mandatory for all vehicle passengers
  • Max speed limit in urban areas is 60 Km/h which is a bit more than 37Mph. Speed limits outside of urban area is 70 Km/h (43Mph) unless signs indicate otherwise.
  • On T-junctions the road that ends needs to give way to traffic coming from left and right.
  • Drivers must be at the age of 18 to drive and at the age of 21 for rental cars
  • Drivers must always carry a valid and or internationally approved, drivers license
  • You must always have valid registration and inspection papers with you when driving
  • Mobile phones are not allowed in traffic
  • For road assistance after accidents call 199. For other emergencies call 911
  • Children under the age of 5 are not allowed to travel in front. They should always be secured with an appropriate seating system on the backseats of the car.
  • Children under the age of 12 must always be seated in the back

In case of an accident

When in an accident you can call Forensys (formerly known as Curacao Road Services) at 199. They will come to you and make an insurance report on the spot. You will of course need to call in the accident at your bocarrental assigned branches or call us directly. We will make sure to get you a replacement rental vehicle to enjoy the rest of your stay on the island.

Roundabouts in Curacao

If you ever visited Curacao you might know that the situation on most roundabouts is different than what you’re used to. To give you a better understanding of how it works on the island we want to share this video.  

More tips for drivers

  • Never leave any valuables in your car
  • After rain roads on Curacao can get extremely slippery. Be cautious when it rains
  • Make sure to park the car on a safe spot with plenty of lighting at night
  • Leave the glove compartment box open when parking your car
  • Make sure the rental you reserved is big enough for the amount of passengers and suitcases or bags
  • Renting a cheaper car means that you are renting an older vehicle. Be aware that cars in this category might end up with car problems
  • Be aware of hidden fees when renting at the bigger rental companies. They offer the lowest rates but you will end up paying way more than at the smaller agencies
  • Be aware of the deposit you will need to make when renting a car. This can be done in cash but is usually done via creditcard
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