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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here some great tips when you rent a car in Curacao:
Driving in Curacao - How will I know the rules?
For your own safety we strongly advise you to read our Driving Safely in Curacao page. Road signs and rules should feel familiar as Curacao, like many other countries form part of the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals road safety treaty.
Driving side in Curacao - On which side of the road do people drive in Curacao?
Curacao has right hand traffic and left hand steering cars. However there are a lot of right hand drive vehicles on the road. This can sometimes be confusing. Rental cars are always left hand drive vehicles
What's included in our fees?
Our rates include all taxes, basic insurance (WA) a $1500 excess unless extra cover is taken to reduction. 24 Hour CRS (Curacao Road Services) roadside assistance unlimited Kilometres.
Do you have an office?
Yes we do have an office and No there are no cars available here. We work with multiple car rentals on the island. At Bocarrental we commit to giving you the best rental options. If you would like to rent your vehicle directly at one of our connected branches it’s possible. Contact us and we’ll send you to our nearest branche.
Driving rules - How old do I ned to be in order to rent a vehicle?
On Curacao the legal rental age is 23 years old
Do you have special deals?
Yes, we do offer special prices on several vehicle types. Offers vary and take place multiple times a year. Make sure to bookmark the website to keep an eye on our deals.
Is it safe to drive in Curacao?
Yes it’s safe to drive on Curacao. The roads are ok, the street signs are clear and most people drive responsibly
Which payment methods do you accept in Curacao?
Curacao accepts all mayor credit and debit cards (maestro/cirus/amex/visa) and everything you're used to in USA or Europe. Payment trough paypal and bitcoin will be accepted in the near future
Do you offer 1-day rentals?
Yes, we offer 1 day rentals. Keep into account that these rentals have higher rates than the standard rates on the website
Can you rent a car at the Cruise Ship Terminal in Curacao?
Yes, Bo Car Rental can deliver cars at the cruiseship terminal
Can we remove the top of the Jeep?
Yes you may, but please don’t do it while driving. Rules and regulations for Jeep rentals will be sent after completing your booking
What's the minimum rental period for Jeeps?
The min rental days for Jeeps is 3 days
What's the max amount of persons for Jeeps?
The 4 door Jeeps have 5 seatbelts and the 2 door Jeeps have 4
Do you have a pickup/return fee
Yes and No. We work with multiple car rentals which have their own policies. In the near future we would like this to always be for free. The average rate for pickups is around 15-20 usd a ride. Which makes it a total of $30-40. However if your pickup is past Grote Berg going west, the prices will be a bit higher
Can a group of 4 rent an economy vehicle at the Airport?
No. The cars would be too small for all your luggage. The best option is to have the car delivered at your hotel/resort/apartment.
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