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Rent a Jeep Curacao – 4WD Jeeps & All Terrain Vehicle Hire

A very popular choice of vehicle for the rugged roads and offroad trails of Curacao. We have a range of Jeeps and other four wheel drive, perfect for exploring the island and it’s beautiful beaches. The Jeep Wrangler is the most popular vehicle in the 4x4 category. Make sure to book in advance to be sure to drive a Jeep.

We rent 2 and 4-door Jeep Wranglers with either a hard or soft top. If you would like to rent a convertible Jeep please make sure to make your reservation now.

4 x 4's

4x4 vehicle

Model: Jeeps and 4x4 's

Doors: 3 & 5

Seats: 4 & 5

Luggage: 3 large suitcases

Transmission: Automatic

Powersteering: Yes

Airconditioning: Yes

minimum age: 21 years

starting at:
a day
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When to rent a Jeep Wrangler ?

Planning to go to Banda'bou, San Pedro or the rugged North coast of Curacao? A Jeep is what you need. To be absolutely honest, while our roads are quite hilly, the need to put your car into 4wd is not needed 90% of the time. A better reason to rent a Jeep is the option to drive top down, like our rental convertibles, and for the simple fact that not every road is paved as you’re used to at home. Drive comfortably trough potholes and get off the beaten track with ease.

4x4’s not what you’re looking for? No worries check out our Curacao rental fleet.

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