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When to rent a car and what vehicle should you get?

Going on vacation and traveling to the unknown has its informational disadvantages. Finding out if public transport is ok or knowing if taxi services have good rates is quite hard to find out. At Bo car rental we are biased because we would love you to get a rental car from us. We are very honest and transparant too. The answer is: No you don't need a car, but it's super convenient and 90% of people that travel to the island do it.


Location and your itinerary is everything

The decision to rent a car in Curacao all depends on the location of your accommodation. And more important, what you are planning to do during your stay. If you're staying in the Jan Thiel area for example and you have no plans to see the rest of the island, you will be OK without a car. However, if you plan to see the nicest beaches in Curacao you wil definitely need a car.


Beach exploration & Going off road

Ok, so you want to go to a nice beach. Do you need a Jeep or a 4 by 4? The answer is: it depends. Most beaches are even accessible in a Kia Piccanto or similar. Some of the more secluded beaches are only reachable with a Jeep.



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Tips for cost effective driving

We have some tips to save you some money when renting a car in curacao.


  1. Don't rent a car at the airport. The companies located at the airport are expensive and most car rentals charge fees to deliver cars to the airport.


  1. Get your rental on the second day of your stay and return 1 day before you leave. Again, to save some fees and most hotels and resorts have free airport shuttle services.


  1. When you're staying for more than 7 days always ask for a discount. Most rental companies in Curacao give great discounts for longer periods


  1. Gas is expensive. If you're on a budget don't rent an SUV or a Jeep as these can be gas guzzlers


When not to rent a car in Curacao

Having your own ride is very convenient. But if you're not planning on going sightseeing or if your hotel/resort is on a hotspot in Curacao. Don't get a car. You can always book a ATV tour or take a guided beach tour from where you're staying. This way you spend way less while having a great day and seeing some of the beaches in Curacao


What vehicle should you get?

Obviously a hard one to answer. What we can do is give you a rough estimate of what people look for at BoCarRental.


80% get the cheapest car they can get
15% want to rent a Jeep Wrangler or similar
5% is looking for a spacious car like a mini bus
5% want a pickup for their diving equipment


Budget is always the first thing that comes into play when making such decisions. The second one, again.. your location and your sightseeing plans.


A fun thing to consider. It’s your chance to drive a car you’re not driving at home. Get something that will also broaden your driving experience while enjoying your stay in Curacao Copyright © 2024